The Charity Writer


My name is Maeve.

A native English speaker from Ireland, for as long as I can remember, I’ve written.

As a young child, I could usually be found tucked away in a corner somewhere, scribbling down stories. As an adult, I obtained a master’s degree in Creative Writing and still enjoy dabbling with fiction writing in my spare time.

But when not making stuff up, I write for charities.

I’ve been working as a copywriter for the non-profit sector since 2014. I specialise in fundraising communication that puts the donor at the heart of the story. Because whether it’s a Facebook ad, a direct mail pack, or an email appeal, it’s the donor who should be the hero, not the organisation.

I use the power of emotive storytelling to harness the compassion and generosity of those who want to effect change in the world. Because I believe our world is full of more good people than bad, and fundamentally, we are driven to do good things.

Your organisation does wonderful work and has some great stories to tell – stories about all the good stuff your donors can make possible. If you would like to tell those stories in a way that raises more money, let me help you.

And if you’re a marketing or fundraising agency who needs a freelance copywriter, please get in touch; I’d love to write for you.